Fish Out of Water will provide one high school senior a $500 scholarship in honor of the service provided by retired Science Teacher Mary Cogdell Corbett. 

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Work with experienced and certified resume writers to develop a resume that commands attention.  Fish Out of Water (FO2W) Coaches partner with you to create a dynamic document that is a true reflection of you, your skills and experience.  The resume writing experience is personal and begins with an in-depth analysis of you.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in developing your resume.


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Career Coaching
The average worker will change jobs an average of 8 times during their lifetime.  Fish Out of Water (FO2W) Career Coaches are trained to assist you in navigating various career paths.  Our Career Coaching services assist you in connecting your interests, skills and abilities to available jobs.  Partner with certified professionals to identify the career field and learn the soft skills needed to succeed.


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Fish Out of Water (FO2W) provides interactive workshops for interested individuals, community groups, churches, and employers.  Our workshops focus on career development offering many solutions pre and post-employment.  Connect with us to learn about regularly scheduled workshops hosted by FO2W or contact us to customize and schedule sessions for your organization.


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Interview Coaching
So, tell me about yourself.  Work with Fish Out of Water (FO2W) Coaches to gain the skills you need to succeed in your interview.  Learn techniques and strategies that will increase your confidence and ability to set yourself apart during the interview.  Contact us directly to schedule individual interview coaching sessions or join one of our regularly scheduled workshops.


College Preparation
Fish Out of Water (FO2W) Career Coaches are experienced and trained counselors with years of experience working with students, parents, and adults transition to college and other post-secondary programs.  We offer regularly scheduled workshops and information sessions to assist you in preparing for college entry and success.  Contact us directly to learn more about individual and group coaching sessions. 


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How We Help
Fish Out of Water (FO2W) Career Development Center is an organization that provides comprehensive Career Solutions.  Our primary concern is the betterment of our community through the empowerment of individuals who seek successful careers.  We provide resume writing, interview, job search and career coaching services.  Our services can be tailored for both individual and group sessions.


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Support Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water (FO2W) is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower individuals in the community through career coaching, job search strategies, and college preparation.  There are several ways to support our efforts to include financial donations, volunteer opportunities and mentorship. 





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I enjoyed the coaches and training. I learned about many college and career choices and met new friends.

Lena C.



 I gained the experience I needed to excel in my interview.  The career coaches are wonderful!

Rosa G.



 Even as a professional seeking a career change I found value in the leadership training.  I am thankful for FO2W and the support they provided.

Ellen P.


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