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The holidays are quickly approaching.  The expectation is that we bring good tidings and cheer.  For many that means gift giving to special loved ones, friends and co-workers.  Each year I plan to start shopping right after Christmas for the next year.  I always have a plan to enhance that work/life balance…each year my planning falls through.  Typically, I have the best intentions and gift cards are not on my radar.  In the past, I’ve given gift cards and for me that means I’ve settled for practicality and last minute Christmas Eve shopping is off the table.  This year, I’ve decided to shop early and online with a purpose.  Cyber-shopping has allowed me to find items that are not only pretty and practical but purposeful.  Admittedly, the list I’m sharing with you does not compare to “Oprah’s Favorites Things” but it is socially conscious and convenient.  Below you will find 3 great shops for socially conscious gift giving:

Fish Out of Water specializes in working with individuals who are in transition seeking guidance with academic and career goals.  We understand and assist many people who when faced with unfamiliar settings or procedures find themselves feeling like a fish out of water.  Typically, the challenges include completing an online application, developing a civilian resume after military separation, or practicing for a job interview.  Our team of volunteers love to work with clients because they have exemplary backgrounds in human resources and

Fish Out of Water Career Development Center is excited to launch its first Career Development Academy June 4, 2016 – August 27, 2016.  The Academy, Stock Your Tackle Box” is designed to assist participants in learning more about themselves and


Attend a workshop with experienced Career Development Coaches that will teach you how to develop job search strategies for today's market.  Topics include:

Job Clubs
Internet Searches
NC Works

Saturday, November 19th from 10am - 2pm.  Click Here to Register.

Fish Out of Water (FO2W) is an innovative organization that seeks to meet the needs of individuals who are in transition.  We view transition as a necessary means to career success.  We have identified key target groups who need assistance with career development.  Those groups include but are not limited to high school graduates, college and university graduates, military veterans, ex-offenders, career changers and the unemployed.  The key to our success is intense and individualized career development services.