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Fish Out of Water (FO2W) is an innovative organization that seeks to meet the needs of individuals who are in transition.  We view transition as a necessary means to career success.  We have identified key target groups who need assistance with career development.  Those groups include but are not limited to high school graduates, college and university graduates, military veterans, ex-offenders, career changers and the unemployed.  The key to our success is intense and individualized career development services.

The experience between undergrad and grad school can be considered challenging, well at least for me this seems to be so. In preparing for grad school, I’ve had to study for the GRE, identify schools to attend, prepare a list of recommendations, make decisions about funding for grad school, and then finally the ultimate decision—deciding which grad school to attend. I have made a decision about studying habits/procedures, which included: setting a specific time and location to study, maintaining my commitment to study no matter how I feel, and making a study plan, that includes what to study. I have also narrowed down my list of colleges, to about five schools. I have also researched the school programs to see which schools offer a program that suits my needs. Although, I’m still in the process of completing applications, receiving recommendations, and