The experiences and journeys that exist in military life comes with planning and managing moves and household, possible deployments, and career changes for the military spouses. Although, there are many other aspects that can be added to this short list; we will focus on some of the challenges that face military spouses seeking employment. Each change of duty station will require that you establish a strategy to secure employment once you arrive in a "new land" with your family.

In the event that you are not enlisted or employed by a federal agency/contractor; it is helpful to navigate resources available for military spouses seeking employment. Military One Source is a great resource. Explore the site and gain assistance with:

       Researching and Defining Your Career Path
      Self- Exploration
      Job Search - Exploring the New Labor Market 
      Building A Resume
      College & Training Programs
      Goal & Action Planning

In addition, to taking advantage of online resources you can connect with a SECO Career Coach and receive one on one services. The Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program provides this free service to qualifying military spouses. To learn more Click Here.