Fish Out of Water specializes in working with individuals who are in transition seeking guidance with academic and career goals.  We understand and assist many people who when faced with unfamiliar settings or procedures find themselves feeling like a fish out of water.  Typically, the challenges include completing an online application, developing a civilian resume after military separation, or practicing for a job interview.  Our team of volunteers love to work with clients because they have exemplary backgrounds in human resources and

career counseling.  Despite our experience and preparation, Hurricane Matthew left so many of us feeling awkward and literally out of our natural element, like we imagine a Fish Out of Water might feel.

Hurricane Matthew was historic, catastrophic and life-altering.  The full impact is still unknown.  We know that throughout the state of North Carolina thousands of people have been displaced, lost their homes, and were separated from loved ones, relatives, friends and pets. At least 30 people lost their lives. Coping is difficult for those who experience and respond to natural disasters.  It is natural to feel stressed and it is so important that you take care of yourself.  The Department of Veterans Affairs offers many resources for PTSD related to disasters to include self-care tips and online coaching.  Click Here for more information and support. 

We have never experienced anything like Hurricane Matthew.  Today, my thoughts are also with the children who are forced to establish a new normal.  Tomorrow children from Robeson County will return to school for the first time after the storm.  They are the last children in the state to return to school.  They will rely on adults to help them cope and adjust to many changes in their personal lives and in their collective communities.  There are wonderful resources available online for children.  The National Child Traumatic Stress Network offers resources for parents and teachers that focus on recovery after the Hurricane.  Click Here to visit their website.  We also highly recommend the book How Would You Feel?,  by Sophia D. Moore.  The book encourages readers to communicate, cope and deal with fear, trauma and loss.  The book is available online through Amazon and Kindle.  Click Here to purchase.