I had a job interview for a position I didn't feel I was prepared for. I decided to check out Fish Out of Water Career Development Center in hopes of easing my anxiety.

My expectations were met and exceeded! Dr. Cogdell was engaging and professional. She personally evaluated and critiqued my resume, giving me valuable tips on how to better present my experience and expertise. She helped easy my nervousness about my upcoming interview by targeting my strengths and finding creative ways to capitalize on my weaknesses so they don't really seem like weaknesses but opportunities to grow and develop professionally. She also educated me on the proper way to prepare and research before a job interview.

Ms. Blue was an absolute gem. The positivity she brought while discussing interpersonal and management skills were priceless. The job I was applying for was a management position, which I had very little experience in, but after Ms. Blue performed a personality assessment on me, I learned what my leadership style would be and how it interacts with other personalities. This was an eye opener for me, helping me to understand the value I could bring to an organization. I was given some self-evaluating worksheets to complete at home as well.

After my visit to Fish Out of Water, I felt confident, focused, and prepared for my interview. And guess what?...I was hired for the position!

I would recommend Fish Out of Water to anyone who needs self-help in their careers, assistance in looking and applying for jobs, or just a bit of a confidence boost for an upcoming interview. If you listen to their advice and apply it to your career goals, you won't be disappointed!

Tiffany A.